“T-SHART” Event

The main objective of this event was to encourage children to wonder and explore on the perception of colours. Different activities were set so they could play and feel colour in different ways. A space is proposed as a generator of experiences. Firstly within a circle they could individually paint with their hands, mixing, adding…Secondly a structure was created to suspend colourful cellophane sheets in a way they could slide and juxtaposed different sheets to see what new colour they would create but also look trough the “colourful lens” and perceived the architectural space in a surprising new way. Learning while playing!

Project: “T-SHART” Event

Client: The Private Space, Barcelona (Spain)

Type: Event Design / Workshop for children . Shenzhen (in collaboration Arquikids)

Duration: Jannuary 2010 – July 2010

Surface: 100 Sqm

Links: www.arquikids.com