“PortugalCriativo.JPG” Exhibition

An invitation by the Portuguese Consulate in Barcelona (Spain) to curate and design an exhibition about Portugal that would be part of the official “Portugal Convida” agenda. The idea was straight forward and it translated into creating a new form of touristic posters. Avoiding the typical landscape pictures, the challenge was to find other ways to promote the country but in an innovative and new way. 10 contemporary artists of different fields were invited and 10 images were selected from their work. Visitors were confronted and surprised by the strategy and it contributed to build a new visual vocabulary of what the country also is/ has. New experiences that provoked new bridges, crossing territorial and linguistic borders.

Project: “PortugalCriativo.JPG” Exhibition

Client: Portuguese Consulate in Barcelona, Spain

Type: Exhibiton design / Curatorship (in collaboration Tiago Borges)

Duration: January 2011 -June 2011

Surface: 100 Sqm