“Eme#3 Festival” . Installation (Photo/video)

An ephemeral installation during the Architecture Festival eme3 (Collapse 2009) held in the Centre de Culture Contemporània in Barcelona. A conceptual project that denounces a beginning, suggests an end, and captures a moment. A photographic installation that focused on (in)visible details present in the everyday life, from a personal to an urban scale, all witnesses of the passage of time. To exhibit the set of photographs there were created 4 wooden telescopes for the visitor to look through and find these images printed in acrylic base. Depending on the natural day light the experience for each becomes individual and unique.

Project: “Eme#3 Festival” . Installation (Photo/video)

Client: Eme#3

Type: Ephemeral installation . Barcelona

(in collaboration Helena Velez Olabarria / Tiago Borges / Ifigenia Dimitriou)

Duration: January 2009 – September 2009

Surface: 20 Sqm

Links: Blog video “vidas colapsadas” (1st award in the video competition)

Blog installation “undercosntruction